Children's Team

Children's Team, Allegheny County PACYF Liaisons - Provides linkage between CYF, the Office of Behavioral Health, service providers and families to promote understanding of systems, services being provided, aid in accessing services and problem solving.

School Based Liaisons - Serves as a link between the schools in Allegheny County, City of Pittsburgh and the child serving systems, ensuring comprehensive services to children, adolescents and families in need.

Homeless Liaison - Collaborates with homeless shelters that accommodate children and families to discuss appropriate levels of mental health services.

Education Specialist - Negotiates between Allegheny County schools and the child serving system to ensure the needs of challenged students are being met. 

In addition to the Community Based Staff, the Children's Team offers other services, including:

  • Juvenile Court Services - Coordinates mental health commitments for juvenile consumers, and coordinates between The Court of Common Pleas, Family Division, Juvenile Justice and the Department of Human Services.
  • SAP Coordinator - Provides coordination between schools and providers ensuring compliance with state regulations related to SAP. Also monitors development and maintenance of programming in the schools.
  • Early Intervention Coordinator - Monitors programs providing services to families with children (birth to 3) who have developmental delays.
  • Parent Professional - Is available as a resource to caretakers to help navigate the system, access services, and answer general questions regarding the child serving systems.
  • Disaster Response Team Member - Participates in the development and implementation of the Department of Human Services response to critical incidents.
  • Interagency Review - The interagency review process is used when traditional methods of intervention have failed. The interagency review is used to strengthen efforts to reduce fragmentation or discontinuity of services and conflict/ competition over resources.

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