Service coordination for childrena and teens, Allegheny County PADHS Screening Unit

The DHS Screening Unit meets with children and adolescents who have been placed in emergency shelter care and administer the CANS assessment tool with these individuals. The goal of the DHS Screening Unit is to help identify supports/services for the children/adolescents placed in shelter and provide them with a voice to tell their story.  By administering the CANS, the children/adolescents are provided with a way to identify and communicate to their team what is important to them and what they want people to know about themselves:  their goals, strengths, needs, experiences, and their life story. The CANS provides the opportunity to document this information in one central location, available to all the system partners working with the children/adolescents so they do not have to repeatedly keep telling their story over and over again. The administration of this assessment encourages collaboration with the child, their family, and system providers.