Office of Intellectual DisabilitlyOffice of Intellectual Disabililty

The DHS Office of Intellectual Disability (OID) is the county's public office responsible for providing Allegheny County residents with a coordinated, community-focused system of high-quality and cost-effective services, programs and opportunities that enable those with mental retardation to live according to the principles of self-determination.


OID, in conjunction with other DHS offices and through more than 60 community-based agencies, provides the following services:

  • Monitors and helps to insure the availability of services designed to meet the immediate needs of individuals with disabilities and, utilizing the strengths of individuals and the community, empowers these individuals to become more self-sufficient in choosing the supports and services they need.
  • Authorizes and oversees state- and federally-funded, community-based mental retardation services which include but are not limited to residential services, supports coordination, adult developmental training, facility-based and community-based supported employment, Lifesharing, transportation, adaptations to the home and/or vehicle, habilitation, and special therapies.
  • Provides technical assistance and training to individuals, families, caregivers, provider agencies and Supports Coordination Organizations (often referred to as SCOs).
  • Conducts annual financial audits of provider agencies and Supports Coordination.

For more information on eligibility and how to register for mental retardation services with the OID, visit the DHS website under "Fact Sheets about the Mental Retardation Service System."