In August 2004, HSAO recognized the need to provide the adolescent population that we serve, with the opportunity to have a safe place to socialize, have fun, and foster relationships with other teens; while supporting their social and independent skills development. Through joining and planning, together we were able to develop Teen Council and Teen Group.

Teen Council:

The Teen Council (A.K.A The Teen Avengers Meeting) is a voluntary committee, which is made up of 10-12 (ages 14 -21) teens who take on the responsibility of actively planning and coordinating events and activities for the Teen Group. The purpose behind the group calling themselves, "The Teen Avengers" was to create a name that encompassed unity amongst each other. The name "Teen Avengers" is symbolic and represents "the fight against all [stigmas] and negative experiences each member has witnessed in their individual past.

The Teen Avenger members typically meet the first Thursday of every month, unless otherwise specified by HSAO staff. The members, along with HSAO staff, work together to identify and plan future social, educational, and voluntary activities/events, as well as learning about various life skills and fostering their leadership abilities. The members are also responsible for helping to facilitate interactions with new teens at the events and discuss different ways to get other HSAO teens involved. Through this council, the teens work effectively to build upon their leadership, socialization and teamwork skills.

Teen Group

The Teen Group is a voluntary group, which actively participates in a multitude of activities/events that are designed and planned by The Teen Avengers' members. Teen Group encompasses any youth (ages 14-21) who is actively receiving services from HSAO's child and adolescent programs.
If you are interested in learning more about the Teen Group, or Teen Council, and how you can join, please talk to your Service Coordinator.

Past Teen Events...

  • Internet Safety Awareness and Cyber Bullying (speaker from Attorney General's Office)
  • Bowling @ Arsenal Lanes
  • Volunteer Event @ Pittsburgh Food Bank
  • Back to School Picnic @ Forest Hills Park
  • Game Night @ HSAO's Baldwin Office

Mission Statement

To provide a safe and supportive environment where youth can come together to work as a team to promote leadership development, build upon self-confidence, enhance communication skills, provoke self-awareness, decrease stigma/negativity, learn coping skills, increase peer relationships, and prepare for a healthy life after HSAO.