See What Our Teens Are Saying

What is your favorite thing about the Teen Group?

  • "Meeting new people."
  • "Games & Activities."
  • "My favorite thing about the Teen Group is how all of the teens use their strengths and differences to reach a common goal."
  • "Talking to everybody and meeting new people."

How do you feel the Teen Group has helped you?

  • "It helped me get involved in more activities."
  • "I feel more comfortable around others and it has improved my confidence and social skills."
  • "The Teen Group helped me understand people who are not like me and because of this I understand myself better also."
  • "It helped me be cool and not blow up and lose my top on people who has or hasn't done anything to me."

What have you learned in being part of the teen group?

  • "I learned team work is important."
  • "Leadership skills and motivation."
  • "I learned not to judge a book by it's cover because a lot of my first impressions turned out to be wrongful judgment."
  • "I learned how to be a leader, take on responsibilities and also listen to other people when they are talking."

What skills do you think you brought to the Teen Group?

  • "I think I brought Teamwork."
  • "Kindness."
  • "I think I brought - people skills to the Teen Group."
  • "I think motivation and brain storming."